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FAB Etihad Guest Islamic Miles Programme

More Miles FASTER

From generous and unmatched joining bonuses to miles for your everyday spends, there are many ways in which you can accumulate Etihad Guest Miles with your FAB Etihad Guest Islamic Credit Card!

FAB Islamic Etihad Guest Credit Cards

Get closer to your dreams and travel further by accumulating FAB Islamic Etihad Guest Miles every time you use your FAB Islamic Etihad Guest credit card in the UAE and globally.

Accessing your programme is CONVENIENT

We have designed an experience that you will enjoy using! Accessible anytime, anywhere with FAB Mobile and Internet Banking our enhanced FAB Etihad Guest Miles solution puts you in full control and gives you the convenience of monitoring your programme instantly.

Transfer Miles Automatically

Linking your Etihad Guest Frequent Flyer Membership number to your FAB Etihad Guest Miles programme is key to ensure that all the miles you accumulate with FAB is successfully transferred seamlessly and automatically every day to Etihad.

Updating your Etihad Guest Frequent Flyer Number:

  • If the number provided at the time of application successfully verified by Etihad you will notice a verified status on your FAB Mobile Etihad Guest Miles dashboard
  • If the Etihad Guest Number provided is incorrect or incomplete, you will be notified to update the correct Etihad Guest Membership details by logging on to FAB Mobile or by contacting FAB customer support
  • Once your membership number is successfully linked, all the Miles you earn at FAB is automatically transferred every day to Etihad

You can choose to spend your miles the way you like for free reward flights, upgrades, shopping, car rentals, donations and much more directly through your Etihad Guest Loyalty account.

Digitally enabled and convenient to access

All your transaction level accruals and everyday automatic Miles transfers to your Etihad Guest Member Number are now conveniently accessible in one place within your FAB banking app. Browse through high value surprise Miles deals using the “My Miles” dashboard and enroll for bonus Miles offers to maximize your Miles earnings with FAB.

Real-time, enrollment to Miles Accelerator Programme

We’ve made it quick and easy, simply toggle the switch on using FAB Mobile or Internet Banking to start accumulating more miles faster with FAB Miles Accelerator Programme.

Simple and transparent

All the information you need about your programme is available in the new Etihad Guest Miles dashboard. You can monitor if your Etihad Guest Membership Number is successfully linked, track your spends and targets towards achieving your complimentary Miles discount voucher from FAB and a whole lot more!

How can I accumulate more miles faster?

Where can I fly with my miles?

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