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Non Salary Transfer Islamic Personal Finance


  • You may have to pay applicable early settlement charges if you settle the full financing early
  • If you do not meet the payments on your financing, your account will go into arrears, and you will be committed to pay a donation amount based on the bank’s request (if any)
  • The Bank will commence the recovery and collection process (which may include engaging third party debt collection agencies) and legal action including bankruptcy
  • Any legal action against you may affect your credit rating, and this may limit your ability to access financing and make it more difficult or more expensive to access financing in the future
  • Refinancing your facility may result in it taking longer to pay off the financing and you may pay higher profit

Whether it is for a new home, travel abroad or a wedding, our personal finance offers you great deals that meet your financial needs. Our non-salary transfer personal finance means you do not need to transfer your salary to a FAB account to get personal finance.

Limited time offer

For UAE Nationals

  • High finance amounts of up to AED 1 million with flexible payment terms of up to 48 months (or up to 60 months for Ministry of Defence employees)
  • Best-in-class profit rates starting from 5.72% * per year (equivalent to a reducing balance rate of 10.49%* per year)

For Expats

  • High finance amounts of up to AED 600,000 with flexible payment terms of up to 48 months
  • Best-in-class profit rates starting from 8.70%* per year (equivalent to a reducing balance rate of 15.49%* per year)


  • A salary transfer to a FAB account is not required, and you can pay your instalments from the bank account into which you receive your salary each month
  • Personal finance is available even if your employer is not on FAB Islamic’s Approved List of Employers
  • Comprehensive life Takaful coverage


  • Minimum monthly income of AED 15,000
  • Minimum of 18 months service with current employer
  • Applicant should be 21 years of age or older
  • Acceptable Credit Bureau Score

Required documents

  • Copy of a valid passport/Emirates ID (originals must also be presented)
  • Bank statements for the last six months showing salary credits (if salary is not credited to a FAB account)
  • Salary certificate addressed to FAB
  • Murabaha Request form

Terms and conditions apply.

Please refer to sample profit rate calculation below:

Particulars For UAE Nationals For Expats
Finance Amount (AED) 100,000 100,000
Finance Period (months) 48 48
Profit Rate (Flat Rate) 5.72% 8.70%
Equivalent Reducing Rate 10.49% 15.50%
Number of days before first payment 60 60
Profit Amount (AED) 23,833 36,250
Total Amount Payable (AED) 123,833 136,250
Monthly Instalment (AED) 2,579.86 2,838.54

One-time upfront processing fee of 1.05% will apply on the finance amount (minimum AED 525 and maximum AED 2,625). A life Takaful contribution may apply. For further information on fees and charges, please refer to the service and price guide.

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