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Our values have brought us closer together, even if we must remain apart.

FAB partners with Emirates Red Crescent to provide meals to frontline health workers

André Sayegh, Group Chief Executive Officer, FAB, said: “We share our heartfelt gratitude to all healthcare professionals across the UAE who are working relentlessly on the frontline to keep us all safe. We are deeply proud of them and hope that by giving a little back, we can play our part in the nation’s fight against COVID-19. The work that Emirates Red Crescent does is invaluable and we are humbled to be part of this initiative. We look forward to continuing our work with the Emirates Red Crescent as we support our community during this time.”

FAB is providing AED 1 million to the Emirates Foundation to provide food boxes to people in need during Ramadan

Food boxes are being distributed to low income households and quarantined communities, including the elderly.

FAB is humbled to be working with the Emirates Foundation at this special time of the year.

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AED 5 million worth of laptops is provided to UAE students to support distance learning

The bank is partnering with the Ministry of Education in the initiative, which enhances cooperation between public and private institutions and nurtures the next generation of talent in the UAE.
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FAB and Emirates Red Crescent join forces in providing meals to 50,000 individuals in need

The AED 1 million offering to the ERC’s 2020 Ramadan Campaign helps provide home delivery meals to fasting individuals from lower income households and backgrounds, and people of determination. FAB is honoured to support the humanitarian work that the Emirates Red Crescent does year after year.
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Providing meals for frontline health professionals fighting COVID-19

FAB is joining forces with Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) in providing meals for frontline health professionals fighting COVID-19.

FAB pledged AED 1 million to help cover the needs of clinics across the UAE in providing meals to employees. The initiative is designed to aid the heroes working tirelessly to ensure our safety.

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