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The checkout of tomorrow, today.

Introducing Click to Pay for your FAB Mastercard

a new advanced checkout option that makes passwords a thing of the past.

Smart, simple, secure. It all checks out.

Backed by First Abu Dhabi Bank and built upon global payment industry standards, Click to Pay is a new password-free checkout option that lets you check out faster with participating merchants and store your payment information in one place.

Bypass Passwords

Password-free checkout takes the hassle out of paying online.

Smart Security

Intelligent security helps recognize you at checkout.

Stay in Control

Payment information stored securely in one place – so it’s where you need it.

Simplify your online spending thanks to intelligent security that recognizes you at checkout.

Merchants currently accepting Click to Pay.

With many more merchants to come, be sure to start using Click to Pay today and make your online spending simpler, smarter and more secure.

Get ready to change the way you pay.

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User Guide Make your payments quick, secure and contactless in three easy steps
Step 01 Visit and create a user profile.
Step 02 Enter the one-time verification code sent to your mobile by Mastercard to verify your identity.
Step 03 You are now ready to check out using Click to Pay. Simply look for the payment icon where Mastercard is accepted. Choose your saved Mastercard from a remembered device and breeze through checkout and get on your way.

Still unsure about how Click to Pay works? Let's answer some of your most frequently asked questions:

If you are the proud owner of a FAB Mastercard card, you can use Click to Pay with any participating merchant. Just look out for the Click to Pay icon during purchase.
Incredibly secure. Using multiples layers of intelligent security – such as device recognition and fraud protection – Click to Pay brings ultimate peace of mind to every purchase.
A hassle-free checkout across participating merchants, Click to Pay can be set up in minutes with just a few easy steps.
The Click to Pay icon can be seen at every eligible checkout, so be sure to keep a look out.

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