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Discover investment opportunities and a world of market insights and knowledge

You have the power to plan for your future and grow your wealth and savings when you learn how to invest your money wisely. We have a bounty of knowledge and insights for you, whether you are new to the world of investment or are a seasoned investor.

Take some time to assess your risk tolerance and choose from the list below based on where you believe you stand on the risk appetite scale.

Risk-Averse Investor

The attitude of a risk-averse investor means that your focus is mainly on the preservation of savings and wealth. Let’s delve a bit deeper to explore your opportunities.

Cautious Investor

As a cautious investor, you are willing to accept very small sporadic losses, with your primary focus being capital preservation but also generating slightly higher returns.

Moderately-Cautious Investor

As a moderately-cautious risk investor, your financial strategy is that you are willing to accept some moderate losses in capital, on occasion, but maintain a balanced approach by evening it out with conservative and low-risk assets. If this sounds like you, we have a few insights for you to consider.

Moderate-Risk Investor

As a moderate-risk investor, you are seeking long-term growth of your wealth, apart from your income. You have a mindset where you are more open to accepting more significant losses in the short-term considering your focus on the long-term returns. Let’s consider a few insights that align with your financial strategy.

Aggressive Investor

An aggressive investor is growth-minded and open to the chance of a higher percentage loss or under-performance in the short run, in exchange for higher returns on investment. If this sounds like you, we have a few insights and resources that will help you make informed financial decisions.

Very Aggressive Investor

A very aggressive investor is someone who seeks to grow their wealth exponentially through investing and is willing to accept big losses along the way, to potentially earn big returns. If this style of investing is something you’re keen on, you may be a very aggressive investor. Keep reading as we have a few insights that will help you along your investment journey.

Name of the employee Designation Date of joining
Abhishek Shukla Executive Director & Head of Investment Research 29/07/2007
Alain Marckus Managing Director & Head of Asset Management 02/11/2015
Amani AbdullaMohamed AI Hendi Director, Client Relationship Management 27/01/2007
Clint Dove Director, Investment Strategy 12/10/2014
Hend AbdelMoteleb Director, Investement Advisor 09/05/2022
Joseph Bechara Executive Director, Investment Advisory  20/11/2016
Musa Haddad Executive Director, Equities Management 02/09/2007
Shreeja Soman Director, Client Relationship Management 01/06/2010
Souad Ahosani Executive Director and Head of Assest Management Sale 01/11/2022
Zehan Mohamed Executive Director, Fixed Income Management 08/04/2018
Adrin Crasta Assistant Vice President, Middle Office 05/11/2015
Rashed Alqubaisi Director, Investment Research 14/02/2022
Rameshwar Kumar Tiwary Executive Director, Equities Management 01/01/2007
Deepa Raichandani Director, Investment Solutions 01/08/2018

If you wish to speak to an expert to explore your opportunities, please contact our Investment Management team at +971 2 692 0609 or email us at

*Disclaimer: All the information/options provided by FAB are for the purposes of the customers’ informed decision-making and will not be deemed as specific advice or recommendation.

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