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What are the trading hours for FAB Securities?

FAB Securities trading hours are from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Is there a fee to open a trading account or obtaining an investor number (NIN)?

Opening a trading account and obtaining an Investor Number (NIN) is free of charge.

As a representative can I open a trading account on behalf of the investor?

You can apply by providing a valid Power of Attorney along with the necessary account opening documents.

Can I view my statements online?

Yes, provided you are registered to FAB Securities Online trading.

What are the fees when buying/selling shares in ADX?

AED amount *0.150 plus 5% VAT on 15 pbs.

What are the fees when buying/selling shares in DFM?

AED amount *0.00275 plus AED10 (Minimum fees AED 75) plus 5% VAT on 22.5 pbs.

Do I need to open an account with FAB to open a trading account with FAB Securities?

No, but we encourage you to open a bank account with FAB and link it to your trading account to facilitate your trading transactions.

Can I buy equities outside the UAE Markets?

Yes, we offer trading executions in regional and international markets. You can have access to the international markets by signing the international trading agreement.

If a foreigner would like to leave the country, does he/she have to close the Investor Number with the Markets ADX/DFM or the trading account with FAB Securities?

There is no obligation for a person leaving the country to close his/her account with the Markets or FAB Securities, he/she may continue trading from abroad to complete transactions and access the services provided.

If I submit a general power of attorney on behalf of an investor, will it give me all the powers to act on behalf and for the account of the investor?

Although the power of attorney may be titled as (General or Private Power of Attorney) it may not give the attorney the capacity and powers to submit all types of applications on behalf of and/or for the account of the investor with the Markets (ADX/ DFM) or FAB Securities. The Market shall & FAB Securities, at its own discretion, decide whether or not the power of attorney gives you the required legal authority.

Why is the investor obliged to present original identification documents when submitting transactions or opening a trading account with FAB Securities?

The investor is asked to provide original identification documents in order to verify the individual, legal capacity and authority of the applicant and to preserve the rights of the investors in relation to the securities deposited with FAB Securities.

Can a minor open a trading account with FAB Securities?

Individuals who are under the age of 21 years are classified as "Minors" according to the regulator, Securities & commodities Authority (SCA); therefore, the minor's legal guardian must sign the application forms in order to proceed with opening an account.

What are the reasons for prohibiting companies’ directors and staff from dealing at certain times and but not at others?

The aim is to ensure fair trading for all investors and provision of financial data on all listed companies. Allowing these insiders, who have access to information which is not available to the public to trade would lead to “Insider Trading”. These are transactions carried out on a basis of information which are normally available to the company’s directors and staff and are not accessible to the public. Accordingly, these insiders stand to make unlawful profits by violating the rules and regulations.

FAB Securities is regulated by Securities & Commodities Authority registration No: 604002

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