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  • If you do not keep up your repayments/payments, you may lose your property
  • You may have to pay penalties if you pay off a loan/financing early
  • Refinancing your loans/financing may take longer to pay off than your previous loan/financing and may result in paying more in interest/profit
  • If you do not meet the repayments/payments on your loan/financing, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access financing in the future

We have partnered with Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) to support in the development of housing programmes and initiatives to meet the needs of the citizens of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Our programme provides Emirati citizens of Abu Dhabi with an interest-free housing loan to buy or to build a private home on a plot of land granted by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA).

Loans are valued up to AED 2.25 million and are repaid in installments over the approved loan tenor.

Once the customer obtains approval from ADHA, the journey with FAB NHL is as follows.


Register to the FAB NHL app

Download and register to the FAB NHL app.

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Open and activate your NHL account

Open and activate your NHL account using the FAB NHL app.


Selection of Consultants and Contractors

The customer selects a consultant to draw up the design, then the contractor is selected through a tender.



The contractor begins construction on the site, and then FAB begins disbursing payments to it, according to the percentage of completion approved by the project consultant.



After the works are completed, the contractor will hand over the house to the owner.



The installments will be repaid after the delivery of the project, or after two years from the date of granting a loan to the contractor.

Required documents for Single Accounts

  • Node Minus Alt
    Original passport or an electronic passport from UAE ICP
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Original ID or an electronic copy from UAE ICP
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Original Salary Certificate (valid and not more than one month old, showing the total salary)
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Original title deed for public housing
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    12 cheques and a bank statement for the past six months from the salary account
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    IBAN letter indicating the IBAN number in English
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    AECB report
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    For a heir account, a court order or power of attorney is required with all the legal heirs listed
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Register for “Smart Pass”, activate an account with the Department of Municipalities and Transport – Smart Services Platform, and request the following:
    • Land Search (verification) Certificate valid for 15 days
    • Land Plan valid for six months
    • Application for mortgage registration and selection of the following specification:
      • National Housing Loans in favour of FAB
      • First mortgage
      • Mortgage amount – the mortgage amount agreed by ADHA
      • Select the land associated with the housing loan
  • OR

Additional Documents Required for Joint Accounts

  • Node Minus Alt
    Salary certificates for all joint holders (if any)
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Salary certificate for guarantor (if any)
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    12 cheques from the customer who will pay the loan instalments or 12 cheques from the guarantor (if any)
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    In the event of a POA, the POA must include:
    • Obtaining credit facilities and account opening
    • Conclusion and signature of contracts
    • Mortgage and release of mortgage
  • OR

Notes about required documents

  • Please print the following papers (Salary Certificate, Land Plan, Search Certificate, IBAN) before visiting the branch.
  • We will not be able to serve you if any of the documents above are missing.
  • The name of the owner on the ID and passport must be identical to the name sent by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority.
  • You must provide proof that there is no income or salary if the loan beneficiary is unemployed.
  • If the loan beneficiary’s income is from a commercial company, provide a bank statement for the past six months for each licence.
  • If the loan beneficiary’s income is rental income, provide rental contracts authenticated by the Municipality and the title deed for the rental properties.
  • In the event of a trustee or minor below 21 years of age, provide court authorisation to open the account and conclude and sign the contracts and mortgage.
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Put your future in your hands with the FAB NHL app!

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