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Al-Futtaim FAB Rewards Programme

Earn Al-Futtaim FAB Rewards on all your spending

Every time you make purchases using your Blue FAB Credit Card by Al-Futtaim, you automatically earn Al-Futtaim FAB Rewards .

Note: Your Rewards are automatically credited within 48 hours for all successfully posted purchases

Selecting how to use it is FLEXIBLE

With a whole new extensive range of options to select from, you can now choose to use your Al Futtaim FAB Rewards from shopping, paying your utility bills for cashback or miles exchange. Enjoy the ultimate flexibility of using your Rewards the way you like!

Shopping at Al-Futtaim stores

Instantly redeem your rewards at the point of sale in-store at your favorite Al-Futtaim brands including Marks and Spencer, Toys”R”us, Guess, Ted Baker, Ace Hardware, Robinsons, Kate Spade, Al-Futtaim Watches and many more.

Click here for a full list of participating brands

Present your card for payment

Your Rewards balance will automatically be displayed when you tap or insert your card for payment.


Select partial or full payment with Rewards

You can decide to pay the full transaction amount with your Rewards balance or pay partially with your available Rewards balance and use your FAB Al-Futtaim Credit Card for the remaining amount.


Enter your transaction PIN & confirm

Your transaction will be processed, the receipt will reflect details of the purchase and summary of your Rewards redeemed.

Gift cards and shopping vouchers

Redeem your rewards for instantly downloadable digital gift cards! Perfect to celebrate a joyous occasion, buy something special for your loved ones or to treat yourself.


Login to FAB Mobile

You can now redeem your Rewards conveniently at a click of a button.


Navigate to Rewards Menu

Click on Vouchers and select a brand of your choice.


Enter a denomination & confirm

Your transaction will be processed, a digital copy of your voucher will be saved in the My Rewards section for use any time until expiry.

Transaction reimbursement

Pay for your purchases at any Al-Futtaim stores using your FAB Al-Futtaim Credit Card including Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, then offset your purchase with your Rewards later by selecting the option “Reimburse transaction” from your Rewards dashboard on FAB Mobile. You can also use this option to settle any bank charges posted to your Credit Card.


Pay for your purchases

Make a purchase at any Al-Futtaim stores using your FAB Al-Futtaim Credit Card including payments via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.


Login to FAB Mobile, select Reimburse transaction

Navigate to the Rewards section and select “Reimburse transaction”.


Choose a transaction and redeem

All your eligible purchase transactions and bank charges will reflect within 48 hours, you can select any particular transaction and offset the purchase for an immediate direct cashback credit to your statement.


If you’re a fan of simple cashback rewards, redeem your Al-Futtaim FAB Rewards for a direct cashback credit to your statement. Cashback can be redeemed in multiples of AED 50 and is instantly processed in real-time.


Login to FAB Mobile, select Cashback

Navigate to the Rewards section and select “Cashback”.


Enter Cashback Amount

Enter any amount in multiples of AED 50.


Select card and confirm

Select the card to which your cashback credit should be posted and confirm your transaction. Cashback will be instantly processed a credit transaction will be posted to your card statement.

Airline miles exchange

Exchange your Al-Futtaim Rewards for Emirates Skywards or Etihad Guest Miles and fulfill your travel goals. Whether you want to plan a trip to your dream destination, stay at a luxurious beach resort, experience a thrilling adventure or travel in style & comfort with business class upgrades, you can use your Miles to enjoy what you love the most.

  • 10 FAB Al-Futtaim Rewards = 1 Etihad Guest Mile
  • 12 FAB Al-Futtaim Rewards = 1 Skywards Mile

Login to FAB Mobile, select Convert to Miles

Navigate to the Rewards section and select “Convert to Miles”.


Choose Miles transfer partner

Select to transfer your rewards to Etihad Guest Miles or Emirates Skywards Miles partners, key in your respective frequent flyer membership Number.


Enter number of miles required and confirm

Enter the number of Rewards you would like to transfer or alternatively the number of Miles you would like to receive and click confirm. Miles will be credited in your respective frequent flyer account within 3 business days.

Utility bill payments

Making your monthly bill payments is hassle-free! You can now conveniently pay your water and electricity, salik, du and etisalat bills using your Al Futtaim FAB Rewards. Choose to pay your bill in full with your Rewards or make a partial payment with Rewards and settle the balance with your FAB Al-Futtaim credit card.


Login to FAB Mobile, select Pay Utility Bill

Navigate to the Rewards section and select “Pay Utility Bill”.


Choose Service provider

Select from our list of partners including Etisalat, Du, ADDC, DEWA, SEWA, AADC, FEWA and Salik, and enter your consumer number. Your bill details will automatically be fetched from the service provider.


Select partial / full amount payment with Rewards

Choose if you would like to pay the full amount using your rewards balance or select pay other amount to enter the number of Rewards you would like use towards partial bill payment, and click confirm. Your bill will be settled immediately.

Redemption is INSTANT

We have designed an experience that you will enjoy using. Accessible anytime, anywhere through FAB mobile app and online banking portal, our enhanced Al-Futtaim Rewards solution puts you in full control and gives you the convenience of redeeming your rewards instantly.

Digitally enabled and convenient to access

All your redemption options are now conveniently accessible in one place within your banking app. Browse through high value surprise loyalty deals using the “My Rewards” dashboard, enroll for bonus rewards offers and view your redeemed items including e-ticket bookings, shopping order status and digital copy of e-vouchers.

Real-time, you can enjoy your reward instantly

No more waiting! No more calls! We’ve made it time-saving, your redemptions are now instant, quick and easy.

Simple and transparent

All the information you need about your programme is available in the new History section on your Rewards dashboard, view details on your rewards transaction activity, product level rewards earnings, redemption details, and rewards expiring soon.

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What can I get with my Al Futtaim FAB Rewards?

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