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FAB Security Measures enabling secure online banking

Debit Card/Credit Card PIN

A basic security feature required to make transactions through debit card or credit card on ATMs and POS.

Online Banking Login Security

Unique Customer id and a password are required to access FAB Online Banking.

Password must be alphanumeric, complex and must be minimum 10 characters. It must be changed every 90 days.

Account Lockout

Online Banking account will be locked out after 3 unsuccessful attempts. Customer need to call FAB customer care and the account will be unlocked after due verification.

One time Password (OTP)

One time password is an additional verification parameter implemented to ensure person accessing the FAB online banking or making transactions is the genuine FAB customer. OTP is a random password that can only be used within few minutes after its generation.

FAB have set up this dual-authentication process for critical activities such as beneficiary addition, online transactions, password regeneration in which OTP is generated and valid for only 2 minutes.

Data Masking

To safeguard the customer from the risk of disclosure of personal data through social engineering or shoulder surfing, only few digits of the mobile number and credit card no. are displayed.

SMS Notification

Instant Alert service sends instant SMS/E-mail alerts to the customer for critical activities such as log on to the net banking, transaction successful and declines while adding beneficiaries for carrying out Third Party transactions.

Digital Certificate

The webpage of the FAB Bank's internet banking server is identified by means of a digital certificate provided by a third party certifying agency to assure its customer that they are logging on the bank’s original banking site and not a phishing link.

Cooling/ Wait Period

Fund Transfer can only be made to the beneficiaries only after 24 hours waiting period.

TLS Enabled and 256 bit encryption

TLS is the leading security protocol on the Internet which allows secure communication.

256 bit encryption refers to the size of the key used to encrypt the message. A longer key means the encryption is more random.

Third Party Transfer (TPT) Limit

Specific Limits can be set to limit the amount of money transfer to a third party.

Transaction Monitoring

All high valued transactions are being monitored by various FAB teams.

Automatic Sign Off

If there is no activity by customer on FAB online banking account for few minutes, then FAB customer will be securely signed off automatically.

Customer Service

FAB Customer Service will assist you for account related activates only after confirming your identity through SMS OTP sent to your mobile device and/or additional verification questions as needed.


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