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If you make only the minimum repayment/payment each period, you will pay more in interest/profit/fees and it will take you longer to pay off your outstanding balance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the FAB credit cards that offer travel benefits?

    You can enjoy extensive travel benefits such as hotel offers, airport transfers, lounge access and more. These benefits are available with the following FAB Credit Cards:

    Are there any credit cards that help me earn Etihad Guest Miles?

    Yes, you can earn air miles and upgrade your travel experience with these FAB Credit Cards:

    Would I be able to receive special lifestyle discounts with FAB credit cards?

    Yes, you can benefit from several lifestyle discounts such as special movie tickets, valet parking, offers with our partner retail outlets, education, benefits for football fans, special golf course access, shopping and dining deals as well as discounts on utilities. This can all be enjoyed with these FAB Credit Cards:

    What kind of rewards or points can be earned and redeemed with FAB credit cards?

    You can earn points for FAB Rewards, our loyalty program which features a vast range of dining, shopping and lifestyle rewards. You can also receive several great deals and cashback for shopping, dining, groceries and more.

    Are there loyalty benefits to using my FAB credit card?

    Yes, you can receive loyalty benefits with our credit cards and our FAB Rewards Program. Points can be earned and redeemed on shopping, groceries, dining, utility payments, travel and more.

    Explore more loyalty benefits here.

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